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Blog posts about flax weaving techniques and projects

  • Bands for the boys (and girls)
    Instructions on how to weave a simple flax wristband which is a popular item to weave for young people.
  • Weaving a star to use in gift wrapping
    Instructions for making a flat star, used here as a decoration on wrapped gifts, plus other ideas on using flax while wrapping gifts.
  • Weaving a three-dimensional star
    Instructions for making a three-dimensional star, following on from instructions on making the flat star.
  • Making a flax angel
    Making a flax angel using variegated flax to give texture to the wings, and including a sea-smoothed shell ring as the halo.
  • Flax angel with flaxen hair
    Instructions for making a flax angel with long golden hair, a halo and feathery wings.
  • Weaving a remembrance poppy
    I have regularly been asked about weaving flax poppies, and this post includes ideas for two different poppies.
  • Weaving a four-plait cord
    Coloured illustrations showing the steps for weaving a four plait cord, using both strips of flax and flax fibre.
  • Weaving jewellery
    How to weave pendants using the curved four-plait and a cord using the rounded four-plait, with links to instructions for both.
  • Weaving a rounded six-plait cord
    Illustrated instructions for making a rounded six-plait cord suitable for jewellery and other uses.
  • Using flax for foliage
    Using the different qualities of flax, including shredded flax, to create foliage for floral arrangements.
  • Flax butt handles
    Saving the base ends of flax leaves used for weaving, shaping the ends and using them for basket handles.
  • The fibre in flax
    Various ways flax fibre has been used throughout history and a demonstration of how to extract the fibres.
  • The wax on flax
    A discussion on the way different flaxes look when they are dried and a discussion on dyeing flax.
  • Simple designs for dyed flax
    Information about dyeing green flax strips and ideas for ways of using dyed strips
  • Experimenting with dyeing flax fibre
    Dyeing flax fibre, mixing colours and the different way fibres dye compared to flax strips.
  • Flax weaving for Christmas
    Using overlaid strips of coloured flax to make a festive pattern, a reader’s wreath and an idea for a wreath made from woven stars.
  • Beachcombing for flaxworks
    Ideas for creatively adding found objects, such as driftwood and shells, into your weaving.
  • Flax weaving for gifts
    Several ideas on using flax containers and baskets both as wrappings for gifts and as gifts in their own right.
  • Weaving a flax planter
    Suggestions on how to use the waikawa style of basket to weave a flax planter for planting seedlings.
  • Finishing the top edge of a basket
    Instructions for weaving a simple straight edge which gives a finish that keeps the pattern of the weave intact.
  • Weaving an open-weave basket
    Guidance on weaving an open-weave basket, with illustrations that show, using arrows, the correct placement of strips. Suitable for experienced weavers.
  • Weaving a water bottle cover
    Information on weaving a water bottle cover starting with a hexagonal weave base and finishing with a plaited cord top.
  • Weaving a flax fantail
    Information about weaving a fantail, as well as information on netted flax and including a link to illustrated instructions.
  • Weaving a flax belt
    How to weave a simple flax belt, using a bangle for the buckle and including instructions for the fastening.
  • Weaving a sun visor hat
    Information on weaving a visor-style hat, using my book ‘Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects‘ for guidance
  • Growing and weaving pīngao
    Information on growing pingao, a native coastal plant, and on weaving with it. Includes illustrations of a kete woven with pīngao.
  • Harvesting the lace from lacebark
    How to harvest lacebark from the lacebark tree, or hoheria, in a sustainable way.
  • Being creative with fibre
    A review of different presenters’ ideas on being creative with fibre and my thoughts on using flax and flax fibre in creative ways.

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