Ko te mātauranga kāre i tuku, ehara i te mātauranga

Knowledge that isn’t shared isn’t knowledge

Gathering flax and Preparing flax

  • Step-by-step instructions for gathering and preparing flax

Dyeing flax

  • Using synthetic dyes
  • The natural colourings of flax leaves

Instructions for weaving projects

  • Simple weaving projects
  • More advanced weaving projects
  • Other ideas using flax


  • A journal of thoughts and notes on flax weaving


  • Information about my books on flax weaving
  • How to buy the books from me

Book reviews

  • Short reviews of books on flax weaving

The history of flax

  • The history of flax use
  • The history of the word “flax”


  • Workshops for beginners
  • Workshops for more advanced weavers

Links to other websites

  • Flax weaving for sale online
  • Tutors and courses
  • Online instructions and courses
  • Museum collections

Contact Ali

  • Phone and email