About the book “Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax”

photo of large container bookWeaving a large Container from New Zealand Flax, second edition, contains detailed instructions for weaving a large container using whole flax leaves and diagonal weaving. This is a unique use of the whole of the flax leaf and this style was traditionally used by Māori for vegetable gathering baskets. These days these baskets are used for all sorts of things, including pet baskets, wood baskets, toy baskets and pieces of artwork.

photo of toy boxAlong with illustrated step-by-step instructions for weaving this style of basket, there are instructions for several different ways to complete the top edge. The first basket in the book is embellished with tassels made by shredding the ends of the leaves and tying them to hang down the sides of the basket. Another project shows how to make the basket in an oblong shape that is ideal for holding large books and in another project the basket has been shaped outwards by adding whole leaves into the weaving at certain points.

photo of a woven, shaped potWhether you are an experienced weaver or new to flax weaving, I hope you find inspiration in this book. I’ve woven many of these baskets and they have a number of different uses. Once the basic construction techniques have been mastered, you may be inspired to create your own individualised basket by adding extra leaves to change the shape, adding handles or adding embellishments, for example. For the experienced weaver, using this construction technique, traditional basket-making techniques and your own imagination opens up opportunities for creativity that can result in a stylish and interesting piece of art or sculpture.

photo of a woven pet basket

Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax, second edition, ISBN 978-0-473-35124-3, is a book of 38 pages bound between covers in a plastic-comb spine, which allows it to open out flat for easy use when following the instructions. It is written by me, and printed and published by Browncraft Ltd. It is available direct to the public through my on-line shop.