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Comments on “Where does this bag come from?”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hi Ali
    Thanks once again,the workshop on Sat was awesome,I learnt heaps!I spoke to my friend and she said her bag that is similar is from Vanuatu.Her daughter lives there so she has fowarded your website to her as my friend’s daughter may have a similar bag or know where it has come from,as they have a collection of bags between them from that area.
    Take Care

  2. Ali Says:

    Hi Laura

    I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for the information about the bag. I look forward to hearing what your friend has to say.

  3. Laura Says:

    Hey Ali
    Sorry my friend has’nt got bak 2 u-I think she has forgottton will remind her 2moro wen I see her-as she is flying out Sat to see her daughter in Vanautu.

  4. Becks D Kingi Says:

    would love to learn more…i just found your site and am a huge fan already!

  5. Jan Says:

    Would you be doing another book of how to make kete in the near future.

  6. Ali Says:

    Hi Jan

    Yes I’m currently writng a book on kete making but it won’t be published in the near future. The last book I wrote took 18 months so it will be a year or so. Keep an eye on my blog where I’ll let people know when it’s ready.

  7. Albert Says:

    Hello, there is a book written by Esther Warner Drendel titled “African Fabric Crafts”. In that book she shows a bag similar to this one, she refers to it as a Liberian Rice Bag or Peace Bag. Her story states that they were woven with raffia. It’s not an easy book to find but worth the trouble. By the way, I love your blog.

  8. Ali Says:

    Thanks for the information Albert. I’ll certainly look for the book - it sounds interesting. I haven’t been able to find it on AbeBooks but I’ll try other places. It’s always interesting for me to look at various types of weaving and try to understand different techniques, so thanks again for the information.