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Comments on “Weaving baskets, backpacks, boxes and other projects”

  1. Lily M Taitapanui Says:

    Would it be possible to purchase your book on weaving flowers and baskets please
    I have just started a Wananga Course on Weaving Harakeke at SIT
    Our kaiako is Winnie Solomon
    Myself and my two whanau members are so enjoying our course and keen to learn so much more please
    Would be greatly appreciated

  2. Ali Says:

    Hello Lily
    Yes the books are available to purchase directly from me either through direct credit into my bank account or by using your credit card. Go to the Shop page of this website you can purchase the books there through a Buy Now option or through my bank account. The account number is there for you to Direct Credit the $90 into.

  3. Joanne Ngaia Says:

    Tena koe Ali,
    I have received the books ordered, thanks very much. They are fabulous, and a great classroom resource for my students. I commend you on your ‘Basket book’, the pictures are clear with easy to follow instructions. I would most certainly recommend this book for the novice.
    nga mihi ki a koe

  4. Ann Says:

    What a wonderful book “Weaving baskets, backpacks,boxes and other projects’ is. Thank you Ali for another fabulous book, to add to my collection. Each book has pages of beautiful pictures as well as detailed instructions with finishing touches to complete each item.
    Highly recommended for those wanting to delve into something a little more challenging after making flowers.
    Congratulations Ali.

  5. Ali Says:

    Thank you Joanne and Ann for the feedback. It’s good to hear that you are pleased with the book. :-)

  6. Sharon Says:

    Was thrilled to see you new book on the local library shelf yesterday! Borrowed it, loved it and have just ordered a copy for myself ( to add to the others ).

  7. Gayle Says:

    Thank you so much, wow what a book can’t wait to get started, Christmas is just around the corner, so will be busy until then.

  8. Kim Nichols Says:

    I have purchased this book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in weaving with flax. There has been a real need for a book that shows traditional weaving techniques and this book covers virtually everything you need to know including lots of contemporary ideas and with lots of colour to ignite your imagination. Thank you Ali for all your dedication to produce this excellent book.

  9. Ali Says:

    Thanks Kim. It’s good to receive your feedback and to hear that the book will be useful, and hopefully inspiring, for you. :-)

  10. Roimata Turner Says:

    Tena koe Ali,
    I have received the books I ordered. Thank you.
    Ali, you have once again produced outstanding books with beautiful pictures and easy to follow intructions. They are precious taonga. Congratulations.
    Highly Recommended.
    Ka nui te mihi ki a koe
    Na Roimata

  11. Marian Gellert Says:

    Your beautiful book arrived last week Ali and I have started weaving a box already! The instructions are so clear and the ideas are inspirational.
    I can certainly recommend this book for anyone interested in flax weaving.
    Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful resource.

  12. Ali Says:

    Tena koe Roimata and Marian
    Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to hear that you find the instructions easy to follow. Happy weaving!

  13. Debbie McNeilly Says:

    Got my book today. Thanks. Just have to wait until it stops raining to get the flax. Bye

  14. Kathryn earnshaw Says:

    Your weaving books are beautiful, and so well written and thought out. They are the best weaving books that I have seen. Thank you.

  15. Ali Says:

    Thanks Kathryn. I hope you enjoy them. Happy weaving!

  16. cathy randall Says:

    received books today I am enjoying them already. Thanks helpful ideas. beautiful presentation

  17. emma Nelson Says:

    I have just purchased “Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects”, “Weaving Flowers” and “Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax”. They are beautiful books with easy to follow instructions. Thank you.

  18. Lynley Says:

    I’ve been using a borrowed copy of this book for a while now. It’s great and I can see that I’ll be referring back to it often so have decided to buy my own copy.

  19. Tiwai Says:

    The books are beautiful, love the colours you used & well presented. Especially love the ‘Weaving Baskets’.
    Nga Mihi

  20. Ali Says:

    Kia ora Tiwai

  21. Mercia Smith Says:

    Thank you for my copy of your new book. Really happy and will be trying out some of the ideas.

  22. Bobbie Henshaw Says:

    Thanks so much for my lovely new book (Weaving flowers),although I have been making flowers and netted flax for many years I have now learnt to make the beautiful koru thanks to your easy to follow instructions. I am looking forward to trying all the gorgeous netted flowers.

  23. Lynda Giles Says:

    I’m really happy to have bought your first book ‘Weaving Flowers’and have just made a purchase of all three as a gift for my sister.
    I have made quite a few flowers for friends and am always amazed at the gratitude I get from them for taking the time to make these handmade gifts.
    Thank you so much for teaching me how to put pleasure back into others peoples lives with something so simple.

  24. Raewyn McConnell Says:

    I’ve had your book Weaving Flowers for two days and cannot stop weaving. I’m making flowers for a Festival of Flowers in November and find your wonderful book an inspiration. Clear instructions and diagrams make the techniques so much easier to apply. New book any time soon? Save one for me!

  25. Bev Vellenoweth Says:

    In have had your Weaving Flowers book for years and it has been so well used.Decided to pass it on to my daughter. So now I have your updated Flowers plus Weaving Baskets and Weaving Containers– What a great set. Thank you so much for sharing so much information. The instructions are so clear with amazing photographs to accompany them. And then all the photographs for inspiration. Well done!

  26. Ali Says:

    Thanks Bev. Well done for having a photo of your flax garment on the cover of Creative Fibre magazine!

  27. Bess Macey Says:

    I had to have all three of your books Ali , Weaving Flowers, Weaving Baskets and Weaving Containers and Boxes and I’m really really pleased. The instructions are clear, easy to follow and all the different ideas are a real inspiration. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I haven’t put the books down since they arrived and can’t wait to get cracking on the projects. Tumeke!

  28. Alison M Says:

    Wonderful book, and I can’t begin to imagine how much work went in to putting it together. Thank you for sharing you skills.

  29. Ripeka Walters Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your skills with us all. I have only just begun to read your book but can see how easy it will be to follow. Once again thank you very much.

  30. Diana Says:

    I have recently received my book. The photos and instructions are easy to follow. Looking forward to giving it a go :)

  31. Francine Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I bought the 3rd book (Weaving Large Baskets) and am finding it wonderful. The instructions are really clear and very well supported by the photographs. It also arrived really quickly so I didn’t have to wait long to get stuck into my large weaving projects. Thanks Team!!

  32. Karen Says:

    Thanks Ali! The books are fantastic. I love the clear instructions and photos :-)

  33. Wendy Baxter Says:

    Ali, thanks so much for the books. An absolute goldmine of information and lovely photos. The new basket one covers so many styles. Awesome!

  34. Mako Jones Says:

    Thank you Ali your books are well worth the purchase I look forward to your next published book on weaving. Thank you for your forward thinking without your extensive work on weaving alot of us would miss out.

  35. Emma Says:

    Very inspired to receive a set of these books for Christmas. I have been eyeing up my teacher’s copies for a while and now I have my own! So many ideas and so much inspiration with clear instructions and excellent photos. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  36. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much for such wonderful books. I’ve struggled for years to be able to weave things and am very much a self learner. These books are amazing. My children and I have only had them 24 hours but have already made a few things each. I can’t wait to work through some more projects.

  37. Mary Goshorn Says:

    I bought all three of Ali’s books and can’t wait to try out the projects shown! I was introduced to Ali’s books when we lived in Hamilton and I learned to weave. We are now back in America, but I’ve found harakeke growing in California where my daughter is in uni (it doesn’t grow here in Colorado), and I now have Ali’s books to inspire me! I loved weaving in New Zealand and now I can do it here, too. Thanks so much for your brilliant books, Ali!

  38. Mary Goshorn Says:

    I bought all three of Ali’s books and can’t wait to try out the projects shown! I was introduced to Ali’s books when we lived in Hamilton and I learned to weave. We are now back in America, but I’ve found harakeke growing in California where my daughter is in uni (it doesn’t grow here in Colorado), and I now have Ali’s books to inspire me! I loved weaving in New Zealand and now I can do it here, too. Thanks so much for your brilliant books, Ali!

  39. Greta Nicholson Says:

    Kia ora Ali,
    I am delighted to receive the 2 weaving books as ordered.
    They are excellent!
    Good to include the Tikanga as well so that we are aware of the protocols associated with Maori Weaving. All weavers of all abilities will find something to learn from these books.

  40. Meriana Lyver Says:

    Do you have a book on How to weave different styles of flax hats

  41. Ali Says:

    Hello Meriana, no I don’t have a book on weaving hats as yet but plan to write one. It may be the next book I write.

  42. Pieta Gray Says:

    Kia ora Ali,

    Thank-you for your book on ‘Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax’. Your instructions and illustrations are wonderfully clear. It’s bringing me many hours of enjoyment and creativity!

    I look forward to attending one of your weaving workshops in the not-so-distant future.

    Best wishes,

  43. Lesley Bailey Says:

    I ordered the Weaving Large Container book while I was on holiday in New Zealand. I am now at home in the Channel Islands, UK and have introduced my neighbours to flax weaving as we have got lots of flax growing here. We had a lovely time and plan to keep practicing and improving. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow.

  44. Louie Jurlina Says:

    Hi Ali

    I did get the books I ordered but was disappointed with the colour quality. I viewed the same books purchased by women around me and there was a marked difference. don’t want replacement, just letting you know that price must ensure quality
    na Lou

  45. Ali Says:

    Hello Louie, Thanks for your comments. I’m surprised that there was a difference in colour quality, especially in all 3 books, as they are printed on different printers. We stand by our product and are very happy to replace them if you’d like to send them back to us with postage cost to us. I’d be keen to see that books and see the difference myself. kind regards, Ali Brown

  46. Catherine Saville Says:

    We have all three books in our school library, such well used resources.
    Very popular with staff also.
    One dept has bought their own copy, feel sure there will be more orders.
    We just love them!

  47. Esmeralda Te Tuhi Says:

    Wow!!!! Received my books and they are so easy to follow with instructions beside each coloured picture. Can’t wait to just get on with weaving something… trouble is I don’t know which project to start first but thank you so much for the weaving baskets,weaving a large container and weaving flowers books. I’m so glad I have them to refer to

  48. April Waipara-Pierce Says:

    My niece gave me a copy of your 1st book & that was it, I was hooked line & sinker. I now have all three books, & have just ordered three more for my sister.
    They are awesome, & as a learner weaver, they have helped me a lot.
    I look forward to any other books you may produce to add to my collection.

  49. Maria ten Have Says:

    Hi Ali

    Just received all three books to me here in Australia.

    They are beautiful and the instructions are perfect. Having the photographs using two coloured flax is so helpful in getting it right and understanding what to do. The format of the books, being able to lie them open flat is great. I really appreciate the hours of work you must have put in to write and do all the photographs.
    My biggest concern now is that I don’t run out of flax. I have split up a big clump of flax that I had and planted 11 more plants from it.
    Many thanks

  50. Jason Hicks Says:

    Hi Ali,

    Thank you for sending out the flowers book to us quickly after the ordering mix up. My wife enjoys you weaving with flowers emensely! I purchased it for my wife Ngawai as an early Mother’s Day present. Unfortunately I had already made the purchase before I saw the three book package. I would have preferred to get her that instead as her wananga is currently making kete.

    Kindest regards

  51. Rebecca Says:

    I received the Weaving Baskets book yesterday-thank you! I find the instructions so clear especially with the step by step pictures. I particularly like the variations you’ve suggested for each of the projects and also the instructions on how to finish the weaving with different types of handles, embellishments and other techniques. Very inspiring!

  52. Estelle Says:

    Many thanks Ali. Just delighted with the 3 books which arrived just at the right time as I was learning how to weave a large container. Great to have all three books to refer to for techniques and ideas.

  53. Cherie Says:

    Mahalo nui Ali! I look forward to receiving my copy of the Flower Weaving book. I saw my kumu’s copy at this year’s Ka Ulu Lauhala O Kona weaving conference and needed my own copy. Thank you for your quick response.

  54. Dot James Says:

    Many thanks Ali, my daughter will be thrilled, I brought the book as a birthday present.

    She had come across the book at the library and was captivated with it.

    Guess the flax bushes will be visited in the near future.

  55. Carmen Wihongi Says:

    So excited to receive my book! I keep forgetting how to start Waikawa so this will help infinitely. Some great ideas, too!

    Thanks Ali

  56. Dee Hart Says:

    Can’t wait for my Big basket book to arrive. Friend gave me heaps of Flax and I came across your site, now I am all excited and want to get started.
    Thanks Ali

    Dee (Western Australia).

  57. Kate Weston Says:

    The books are just what I had been looking for to remember some of the techniques I had learnt on courses and subsequently forgot! Really stoked to have them as a reference. They’re fantastic. Thanks Ali.

  58. Kanako Hayashi Says:

    Kia Ora !!

    The book is really wonderful, there is a lot of pics and instruction, it makes me easy to weave.I had learnt on courses but forgot.. You are a savior Ali !!
    Also smooth shipping. I am satisfied !!


  59. Belinda Says:

    Thanks Ali, your book on weaving large containers is just what I hoped. The instructions for laying out the first few pieces are very clear, I have come to grief in the past trying to get it right. Looks so simple, but it’s quite tricky. Looking forward to trying out sme of those interesting tops and other features. Also plan to buy your basket book. Thanks again, Belinda

  60. Trish Says:

    Kia ora Ali

    ‘Weaving baskets’ arrived today - I can’t wait to get started - I attended a raranga course through SIT earlier in the year and was struggling to keep everything in my head and to follow my notes! Your book looks great - thank you.

    Nga mihi nui


  61. Jill Hague Says:

    Thanks Ali for your books that have arrived today and I love them and the instructions are so clear.

  62. Robin Cooper Says:

    Tena Koe Ali, I have had the 3 wonderful books for nearly a month and have made beautiful harakeke taonga for Xmas. From Putiputi to kete to kono, large and small. Without the beautiful set of 3 I would have struggled making nga taonga. Ataahua resources, I am encouraging my friends to buy the set, so they too can make ataahua taonga.
    Nga mihi nui ki a koe.

  63. Ali Says:

    Thanks very much Robyn. It’s great to hear that you are finding the books useful. I’d love to see any photos of your weaving you may have if you have a chance to send them to me.

  64. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks so much for creating these books. I couldn’t be happier practising along with your instructions, which are really clear and easy to follow. All the best to you!

  65. Christine Says:

    Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for the time you put into this amazing website in terms of content and keeping it current. It has taught me the basics that then got me excited to do more and I recently purchased your book Weaving Baskets, which is fantastic! The explanations are very detailed, the photos extremely helpful, and the selection of projects is excellent! I love how it is spiral bound, so that you can easily have it sitting in front of you with it staying open on the correct page.
    One thing that I would be very interested in are natural flax dyeing methods that do not use chemical dyes. Is it possible to dye flax with plant based dyes made from leaves, berries, etc.?
    Thanks again!

  66. Ali Says:

    Hi Christine, Thanks for letting me know how useful you are finding the book.I’m glad you’re enjoying using it. I’ve only dipped into natural dyeing in the past but now that I have finished work I intend to do more study in this area. Flax is quite difficult to dye as it has such a high level of wax. Shredded flax and muka are easier to dye as the wax has been penetrated. Let me know if you have any success in this area.

  67. Huhana Says:

    Nga mihi nui ki a koe Ali,

    I sooooo love your book Weaving Baskets that I purchased, so many new things to try,the instructions are so easy to follow and such beautiful and colourful pictures,thank you so much for sharing your gift of weaving.

    Naku iti


  68. Ali Says:

    Thanks Huhana, I hope you have fun weaving some projects.

  69. Kathleen Bailey Says:

    Tena koe Ali,
    3 books arrived safely yesterday morning and I’m feeling so excited! Your books are treasure troves of inspiration because of the beautiful photos and also because the techniques are so clearly explained by virtue of the photos and instructions. As a visual learner, I particularly appreciate the fact that the instructional photos use whenu of 2 different colours.
    With grateful, grateful thanks

  70. Caroline Willis Says:

    Yippee! The set of 3 ‘how to’ books have arrived and I’m trying to decide what project to try first. There is a huge gap in the book writing market for handbooks like this. Your books are beautifully presented and helpful. Trying to find this comment space, made me scour your site. Wow! What a lovely, sharing kaupapa you possess and what a hunger you have for expanding your knowledge. Those folks who can work with you in person are very lucky people.

  71. Paddy Brennan Says:

    Hi Ali
    My book arrived today, thanks. You have such a lot of information, ideas and really clear instructions. I’m so looking forward to learning more about weaving.
    Many thanks - Paddy

  72. Ali Says:

    Thanks Paddy-have fun weaving!

  73. Makaera Says:

    My books (Weaving baskets, backpacks, boxes and other projects & Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax)arrived really quick and are set out so clearly with good step by step notes and pictures. Have shown them to a few people and told them who wrote it and where to find it. Now just waiting to warmer weather so I can cut the Harakeke and get weaving again.

    Great books many thanks - Makaera

  74. Ali Says:

    Thanks Makaera, hope the weather gets warmer soon so you can get weaving again. :-)