This webpage is a copy of the comments received on a blog post on Ali’s original website, The blog post itself is now at “Weaving a rounded six-plait cord”.

Comments on “Weaving a rounded six-plait cord”

  1. Kate Says:

    Great! Thanks for putting up the instructions for the 6 plaid cord. The colour coding makes it extra easy to follow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Flint Says:

    Hi Ali, Do you have any idea on how to weave a placemat??? Plz help!

  3. Ali Says:

    It depends on what sort of placemat you want. If you’re happy with a simple placemat, I’d suggest you just weave a square and then twine around the edges to hold the weaving in place, and trim the ends to size. You could also fold the end strips back and weave them into the placemat, but if you do this it can be difficult to make the placemat sit flatly on the table.

  4. Flint Says:

    Thanks so much ALI I tried that and it worked!
    See ya FLINT

  5. Jan Says:

    Hi Ali
    Do you have a weaving pattern of how to do a waikawa basket. I know it is made from the whole flax leaf and bent back in half from the mid rib but thats about it. Would appreciate some help. Cant get to any weaving classes.

  6. Ali Says:

    Hi Jan

    I don’t currently have written and photographed instructions for the waikawa but it will probably be part of the kete weaving book that I am currently working on.

  7. Julianne Says:

    Wow!! I am so pleased I found your site. I have done a few kete but I seem to work backwards to the maori style, I call my style the celtic way, as my ancestors of old wove flax. I would love to do another flower to go with my Christmas wrappings but have forgotten how they are done.

    Thanks for your instructions.

  8. tradine Says:

    kia ora ali

    want to know how to weave a waikawa i know how to weave a kona 4 corner .please help

  9. Ali Says:

    Kia ora Tradine

    I don’t have written instructions for a waikawa as yet but it will be one of the baskets that I will have instructions for in the new book I am writing on basket-making. The book will be a while away yet but keep an eye on my blog for updates on when it will be published.

  10. shirley Says:

    kia ora Ali

    i would like to know how to complete my piu piu, im a self taught weaver but i wasn’t shown how to do the 6plait finish if you can much appreciated

  11. Ali Says:

    Kia ora Shirley
    On page 61 of the book “How to make a piupiu” by Leilani Rickard, there are instructions on how to do the braid at the top of a piupiu. It is a taniko braid which is the usual way to finish a piupiu rather than plaiting. You should be able to get the book from your local library.