This webpage is a copy of the comments received on a blog post on Ali’s original website, The blog post itself is now at “Netted flax flowers”.

Comments on “Netted flax flowers”

  1. Mei Jensen Says:

    Hi Ali
    Have already puchased your 2 books on Making flowers from flax. I would love to purchase the one on netted flowers. This is so amazing and you are also talented.
    What is the price for this book Please send details. Regards

  2. Ali Says:

    Hello Mei

    The price for the booklet of the additional pages in the third edition — which include instructions for making netted flowers and ideas for flowers for weddings and special occasions — is $15 which includes postage and packaging. You can pay by direct credit into my Westpac bank account 03–0823–0516382–000. Let me know when you’ve made the payment and email me your postal address.

  3. Will Says:

    I saw some netted flax flowers in a salvation army store in the weekend, funny noticing things after you’ve just learned about them! They weren’t as nice as these though, the netted flax was being used more as a decoration than a structural part of the flower.

  4. Ali Says:

    Hi Will

    As far as I know, netted flax has, up until now, mostly been used as foliage for flower arrangements rather than for making the flowers themselves. However, netted flax is very versatile and has potential for much more.

  5. Papara Carroll Says:

    Kia ora Ali

    Awesome. I ‘d love to purchase your book on netted flowers.You are so talented. I will pay into your bank account and then email you.

  6. Oriwia Paihana Says:

    Kia ora Ali, thank you for your book received recently, I would also like to purchase the netted flowers booklet please also, from the information above you say its $15. this would help greatly, thank you. Hei kona, Oriwia

  7. Sharon Te Kaawa Says:

    Hi Ali
    I love this book and will buy it soon I do have your flax flower book which is really lovely
    Thank you. Sharon

  8. cathy Says:

    hi do you still have the parts for sale for the pohutakawa flowers, as would like to purchase both

  9. Ali Says:

    Hi Cathy

    Yes I do still have the Pohutukawa booklet as well as the pages on netted flowers and ideas for weddings. The cost for both, including postage and packaging, is $25.

  10. Bianca Says:

    Hi Ali
    Love your work! I would like to enquire about the third edition of your book & if the instructions re: netted flax are part of the book, not an additional supplement? Also, how many days will it take for the book to arrive once it is paid/ordered? thank you :)

  11. Ali Says:

    Hi Bianca

    Yes the instructions for the netted flax flowers are part of the third edition of my book Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax. NZ Post says 1-3 days for letter post, and the next day for Fast Post. Courier is another option for fast delivery.

  12. Helen Says:

    Hi Ali, My mum learned flax weaving whilst on holiday here in NZ and has your book - I doubt she would have a pasta machine anyway but do you know if it would be illegal to use it to net flax in the UK or be able to advise where it could be purchased locally?


  13. Ali Says:

    Hi Helen

    I don’t know for sure but I imagine that the patent would be worldwide.

    No I don’t know where it could be purchased in the UK. Sema at Hapene will be able to tell you.

  14. Pukerewa Says:

    Hi Ali

    Wow cool you have another book thats really good to hear I would love to purchase that book if I could have details on that.
    And also what about the book on baskets have you finished that one yet.

    Thanks alot Ali your work is awesome


  15. Ali Says:

    Hi Pukerewa

    This is the third edition of Weaving Flowers from New Zealand flax It has all the original flowers and foliage in it and also includes instructions on making flowers with netted flax and ideas for weddings. It is $35 which includes postage and packaging and can be purchased directly from me. Check out my Shop page for details.

  16. Pukerewa Says:

    Hi Ali, yea we have sent off our money to you and you can send the book to P.O.Box 983 Kerikeri Northland Bay of Islands under Pukerewa Freda Rameka thanks alot.

  17. Pukerewa Says:

    Good morning Ali, I’m just wondering if you have received our payment for your third edition of the netted flowers I havn’t got a response from you so I know if I will receive the book. Could you please reply so we know thank you so much.Pukerewa

  18. Ali Says:

    Hello Pukerewa
    Yes I have received your payment and posted the book to you today. I hope you enjoy it. :-)
    Happy weaving!

  19. Pukerewa Says:

    Good morning Ali, thank you so much for that yes I will enjoy your new book awesome. I was given 2 other books from a kuia from Te Hapua they are called Nana’s Koha and the book is called How to make a Pingao Putiputi they are just awesome I love these books. I have learnt how to make pingao putiputis it was so easy it only took me a day how to make them. She is also the 1 up there that has bought back our pingao plants on our beaches and I have never met her she even gave some seeds for us to plant at home. I am going to meet her 1 day and I will learn more about my favourite plant which it is now. And find out more info on our to save our pingao at home. Thanks Ali

  20. Ngaire Says:

    kiaora Ali,I came across your website while browsing the net, I’m so fascinated by your work that I would like to purchase your books your first edition Weaving Flower from New Zealand-Beachcombing for flaxworks-Netted Flax Flower, I don’t know if they are in the one book, if not I will have these books please. can I have your bank details so I can make the deposit. I Will enter my address when I make an International transfer or e-mail when you recieve the money. kiaora

  21. Ali Says:

    Kia ora Ngaire
    My book, Weaving Flowers from New Zealand flax, is in its third edition and has the flowers made from netted flax and the pohutukawa in it. I also have a booklet called Weaving a large container from New Zealand flax which you may be interested in. The best way to pay from Australia is to use Paypal. I can send you an invoice for this method of payment if you like. Let me know. The international transfer is quite expensive.

  22. Joanne Makih Says:

    Hello Ali, i didnt no you had another book just come out, netted flax,how much is it and bank acc please.Hear frm you soon :-) Jo

  23. MS Says:

    Hi very interested in getting my hands on the netted flax book.
    Please email me.


  24. Sibylle Vogel Says:

    Hi - I am living on the Acores and flax is growing here all over, but nobody knows what to do with it besides to fix things. Please email me, my email to you failed. I want to buy your book and need the IBAN and SWIFT codes and the fees to Europe.

  25. Ali Says:

    Hello Sibylle

    It’s nice to hear from you and interesting to know that flax grows in the Acores. The cost for my book Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax and the booklet Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand flax is NZ$67.60 altogether. This includes postage and packaging. I can accept foreign currency through Paypal so I’ll send you a Paypal invoice to pay on.

  26. Jan Says:

    Hello Ali, I have just discovered your most amazing website and am very intrigued, I would appreciate being able to purchase all 3 of your publications as I find manipulating leaves of any kind justfasinating and I’m told that I always seem to have some new ideas! They’re nor really as Its a constant search on the web that enables me to try some of the findings out.Would you please let me know what the total cost in GBP(if possible) to purchase these books.
    Many thanks Jan (England)

  27. Ali Says:

    Hello Jan

    Nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments.

    The books I have published are Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax (third edition) and Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax, which is a booklet rather than a book. The third edition of the Flowers book contains all the information that’s in the previous books plus more.

    The total cost to send these two books to England is NZ69.60 which at today’s rate is GBP36.23

    Let me know if you’d like both and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

  28. sheryl cooper Says:

    Hi Ali
    I have your book weaving with flowers and have been inspired to learn all aspects of weaving would it be possible to bye the booklet netted flax please look forward to your reply

    cheers sheryl

  29. Ali Says:

    Hello Sheryl

    Yes the booklet on Netted Flowers is $15 which includes postage and packaging. You can pay by direct credit into my back account Westpac 03-0823-0516382-00. Don’t forget to email me with your postal address.

  30. Mereana Says:

    I’m definitely hooked!!!

  31. Tipare Says:

    Hi there, I think I’m a little confused. So the pages on netted flax flowers are already in the book or do we need to purchase that separately?

  32. Ali Says:

    Hi Tipare
    The pages on netted flax flowers are in the third edition of Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax so if you have that edition, or wish to purchase it, there’s no need to buy the separate booklet.

  33. Teresa Godfrey Says:

    I see I am very late to this game — I just now ran across photos of your work and information about your books. I am very interested in purchasing at least one copy of your book Weaving Flowers . . ., one for myself and one as a gift. I checked, and there was not a listing there.

    Please send me information on how to purchase this. Thank you
    Terry Godfrey

  34. Lily Grace Says:

    Hello please can I have the total to pay you for the
    Third Edition of flower weaving from nz flax book, and your bank details to pay you.
    My address is 21 Lynden Ave, Hillcrest , Northshore Auckland.
    Your work is beautiful
    Thankyou for all your time
    Kind Regards
    Lily Grace

  35. Ali Says:

    Hello Lily
    The total cost, which includes postage and packaging, for my book “Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax” is $35.30. The bank account to make the payment into is Westpac 03-0823-0516382-000.

    Thanks for your kind comments about the book.

  36. Helen Black Says:

    Hi Ali I am an admirer of your work and live in Falkirk in Scotland. Can you please let me know how much it would cost to send me a copy of your latest edition of Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax?
    Kind Regards

  37. Ali Says:

    Hello Helen

    Thanks for your contact. Scotland is one of my favourite places. :-)

    “Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax” is now in its fourth edition. The cost for the book plus postage and packaging to Scotland is NZ62.40 which is GBP28.11 at today’s rate.

    I have just published my third book “Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects using diagonal weaving techniques”. If you are interested in purchasing that one as well as my second book “Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax” as well as the flowers book, let me know and I’ll send you the cost.

  38. helene blomfield Says:

    Hi Ali, I have your book of flowers plus the booklet with pohutukawa flowere instructions. I would like the book “Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects using diagonal weaving techniques” and the “Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax” plus the booklet on netted flowers please. Can you let me know the cost please to Auckland. Thank you. Hoping to get to another of your workshops in Chch one day. Regards Helene.

  39. Ali Says:

    Hello Helene
    The cost for all three is:
    Basket Bk 35.00
    Container Bk 10.00
    Netted Bk 10.00

    P&P 9.99
    Total 64.99

    However I am in the process of adding to the Container book so you may want to wait a few weeks for that one. Let me know.

  40. Miriam Says:

    How much for weaving baskets, weaving a large container and netted book and postage

  41. Ali Says:

    Hello Miriam
    The cost for Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other projects”, “Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax” and The Supplement including netted flowers is $78 altogether, including postage and packaging, to a New Zealand address. If the address is a rural one, there’s an extra $2.80.

  42. Monika Says:

    Hi Ali,

    I have quite a few of your books and your netted flax flower book looks great. Could I purchase it please.
    It will be a real treat, just before Christmas.

    many thanks

  43. Ali Says:

    Hello Monika

    Instructions for the netted flax flowers are in my book Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax. You can purchase this through my Shop.

  44. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Ali, I’ve just received your Weaving Flowers book (4th edition). It’s fantastic-so many projects and ideas!
    I have a question about the flowers made from netted flax. When you give measurements for width of netted flax to be used e.g. 1.5cm wide, does that mean the width of the weaving strip prior to being netted should be 1.5cm or is it the width once the flax has been netted and dried?
    Thank you.

  45. Ali Says:

    hello Rebecca
    The measurement of 1.5 cm wide, for example, refers to the width after being netted but before being spread out.

  46. Janice Roberts Says:

    Hi Ali
    Could you please tell me as I am unsure of what has been crossed out re your info on making netted flowers with a pasta machine.
    Is this still illegal to do?

  47. Ali Says:

    Hi Janice, as the patent has lapsed my understanding is that it’s fine to use a pasta machine to make netted flax.

  48. Teresa Says:

    Hi Ali,

    Do you have instructions for the flower in this clip that looks like an arrowhead please? Some of the colours are quite dark and hard to see but there are some closeups of the same in a bright green. Thanks, Teresa

  49. Ali Says:

    Hi Teresa, I do know how to do it but don’t have instructions. I could possibly do some instructions in the not too distant future. I’ll let you know if I do.

  50. Christine Whiteford Says:

    Hi Ali
    Is your book still available?
    I would like to buy

  51. Ali Says:

    Hi Christine, yes I have three books available, Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax, Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects and Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax. You can purchase them directly from me through my Shop page.

  52. William Says:

    Kia ora ra Ali,

    I just purchased a set of your weaving books (just made payment this morning). Im wondering if you still have any books on how to make netted flax in particular the tulips (netting style)



  53. Ali Says:

    Kia ora William, the information about making flowers with netted flax is in my book Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax.