This webpage is a copy of the comments received on a blog post on Ali’s original website, The blog post itself is now at “National gathering for flax weavers”.

Comments on “National gathering for flax weavers”

  1. betsy young Says:

    Love what you have published Ali will see you at our wanaga in 2014 Ahipara

  2. Ali Says:

    Thanks Betsy

    Did you do the demonstration at the hui on how to plant pingao?

    Also I’m just wondering if the next hui is 2014 or 2015?

  3. Tiwai Rawiri Says:

    Hi Ali.
    Do you have any contact details for the pwople who were selling jewelery on public open day please. I seem to have misplaced their busines card.

    Thanks Tiwai

  4. Ali Says:

    Hi Tiwai

    The contact I have is the email address

    I have emailed Amy myself as I had a question but haven’t yet had a reply.

  5. audra Says:

    hi ali, i would have liked to have met u. I was at the hui with my son whom has eczema. I have 2 sons however the other stayed at home. A lovely write up of the hui ali. Look forward to seeing you at the 2015 hui. xxx

  6. Ali Says:

    Hello Audra
    Yes it would have been nice to have met you. I do hope to get to the next hui so maybe we will meet there.

  7. Betsy Young Says:

    Ali the conference is 2015 in Ahipara and yes I demonstrated how to propagate pingao