This webpage is a copy of the comments received on a blog post on Ali’s original website, The blog post itself is now at “Links to flax weaving groups”.

Comments on “Links to flax weaving groups”

  1. Huia Trollope Says:

    Are there any weaving groups in or near Newcastle, Australia? I would love to learn more about weaving and have someone to share with.
    Thanks and congratulations on your excellent work.

  2. Felicity Champion Says:

    Hiya Ali, thanks so much for making your book available. It has proved a wonderful resource for many of my raranga friends. I attend a Raranga class at Te Wananga o Aotearoa in Rotorua. Our tutor Gerry Karekare introduced our class to your book. A lot of us took advantage of your bulk buying discount, which is great for those of us penny pinchers. Since then I have also introduced your book to another weaving group I belong to at Taharangi Marae near Kuirau Park in Rotorua. I think your book is so popular because it is so easy to follow with clear instructions, photo’s, tips and ideas on what to do with your putiputi once you’ve woven them. Thanks again Ali, happy weaving to all. Felicity Champion, Ngongotaha.

  3. Ali Says:

    Hi Felicity

    Thanks for your comments about the book. It’s good to see you and others are enjoying using it.

    Is the group you belong to at Taharangi Marae open to new participants or visitors? If so, do you wish to add the contact details and perhaps any other information you think might be of interest?

  4. Jan Williams Says:

    Kia ora Ali. What a fantastic site!! I was very glad to stumble across it. I did a beginner’s raranga evening class at UNITEC a few years ago and it sparked a passion within me. I have since gone on to explore non-traditional materials and hope to have an exhibition next year. Thanks for further inspiration. Jan

  5. Mary Goshorn Says:

    Hi Ali,
    I’ve recently moved back to the U.S. after a year and a half in New Zealand. I’ve brought back your book and as much prepared flax as I could! I’m wondering if you have any contacts in the states for any weaving groups. I’d love to continue my passion for raranga here!

  6. Mary Kroch Says:

    Hi Ali,
    I have just discovered your amazing website with the fantastic instructions. I am keen to find a good,local teacher and group to weave with in Nelson.I already meet with 1 or 2 people on a fortnightly basis, but need some tuition.
    Do you have any contacts in this area please?

  7. Ali Says:

    Hi Mary Goshorn

    Sorry Mary, but I don’t have any contacts with weaving groups in the USA. If you are a weaver in USA, let me know and I’ll pass your details onto Mary

    Hi Mary Kroch

    I do have a contact in the Golden Bay area - Maureen Harte.

    If anyone knows of any weaving groups in Nelson, let me know and I’ll pass the information onto Mary.

  8. MAKI Says:

    I am going to live in Palmerston North.
    I want to join a raranga group, can anyone help me as to where I may make contact please Maki

  9. Vivienne Layt Says:

    Hiya Ali, thanks also , as another happy weaver has noted, so much for making your book available. It is indeed a wonderful resource for me and many of my raranga friends. I attend a Raranga class at Te Wananga o Aotearoa in Manukau campus, Mangere Auckland Our tutors and other weavers noted introduced our class to your book and a lot of us took advantage of your bulk buying discount, which is great for those of us penny pinchers and dollar challenged students. Love the puti puti ! Thanks again Ali,

  10. Roneta Says:

    Hi Ali How do you keep your weaving so tight

  11. Ali Says:

    Hi Roneta
    To keep the weaving tight, it’s best to use flax that has partially dried out i.e. it’s not freshly cut and has had a lot of the moisture scraped out. I also tend to tension my weaving fairly tightly with every movement of the weaving. This means that every time I move a strip, I’m tensioning it at the same time.

  12. Christine McKenzie Says:

    Link to flax weaving class in Onehunga Auckland
    Link no longer available

  13. Ali Says:

    Thanks, Christine. I’ve added this to my Links page.

  14. Vanessa Says:

    I am looking for a flax weaving group/class in west auckland and a korowai making class in auckland..

  15. hemaima Says:

    hi i to am looking for a flax weaving group or course for korowai in the west auckland area too does anyone know of any going around here

  16. ida smith Says:

    ka rawe ou mahi

  17. Ali Says:

    tena rawa atu koe, Ida

  18. Annie Cochrane Says:

    Kia ora Hamaina and Vanessa

    We are weavers who meet together to weave one saturday per month in a little hall on Te Atatu Peninsula. Contact me on 09 826 1595 if you would like to know more.

  19. Hannah Whittall Says:

    Hi Ali
    I’m really amazed at your work and would like to weave myself. I was also wondering is there a age limit for being tutors?