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Comments on “Camp Quality weaving workshop”

  1. Will Says:

    What a great project, especially for kiddies who might have some long boring treatment hours to fill. I remember seeing bands like this in Samoa, it wont have been flax though I don’t imagine.

  2. Sarah Henn Says:

    I have been running bush-craft workshops for families and have always make flax twine and rope. Your web site has opened up a whole load more possibilities. Thank you. Flax grows really well over here in Cornwall so I should have plenty of bits to practice with.

  3. Cherryl herewini Says:

    are u having any workshop in Auckland area in the future?

  4. Ali Says:

    Hi Cherryl

    No I don’t have any workshops planed for Auckland at present.

  5. cherryl herewini Says:

    Kia Ora Ali….I have looked all over the place online etc for somewhere I could attend weaving kete whakairo or kete whiri courses or be a part of a group…but most in Auckland are nite classes…do u have any ideas who I can contat …they have a lot of korowai workshops but none rreally for kete …any ideas please or someone I could contact thanx ali