This webpage is a copy of the comments received on a blog post on Ali’s original website, The blog post itself is now at “Being creative with fibre”.

Comments on “Being creative with fibre”

  1. Tanisha Says:

    I love the flowers!

  2. Tanisha Says:

    I just want to say how do people make this kind of stuff?
    If someone is great then would they please give me instructions to make them because when my mum tried to teach me, it didn’t turn out well.

  3. Ali Says:

    Hello Tanisha

    Glad you like the flowers. You can learn how to make the flax flowers pictured on this post, and other styles of flowers, from my book Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax. Some of the flowers are quite easy and only take a few minutes to make. The book is available to buy directly from me and the information on how to buy it is on the Shop page on this website. I also have instructions online on how to make one of the types of flowers in the book. The book is written in this style, with step-by-step photographic and written instructions for each of the sixteen flower and foliage designs.

  4. Ngarangi Williams Says:

    Hi Ali

    Can you please send me a bank account number and the prices of both books weaving flowers and creative weaving, thanks Ngarangi

  5. Ali Says:

    Hi Ngarangi
    Thanks for your interest in my books. The cost of buying both the Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax book and the Weaving a large container from New Zealand Flax booklet is $46.30 altogether. This includes the price of both books and the postage and packaging. The bank account to pay into is my Westpac bank account 03–0823–0516382–000. Don’t forget to send me your current postal address.

  6. Susan Broad Says:

    Hi Ali,
    I watched your presentation at the Creative Fibre Fest in Marlborough and stupidly didn’t buy a copy of your book on basket making. I have your original flax flower book and would like to add the basket making book too my collection. I read in the previous post that you mention “weaving a larger container from NZ flax” I assume this is the title. Can you tell me if you have some available and what the cost including postage to Dunedin would be.

  7. Ali Says:

    Hi Sue

    The booklet I had at the Creative Fibre festival gives instructions on how to weave a large container from New Zealand Flax. It’s $13 which includes postage and packaging to anywhere in New Zealand.

  8. Marianne Says:

    Hello Ali,

    I am wondering if you might be having a workshop on weaving flowers in Christchurch in the next couple of months.
    Thanks, Marianne

  9. Judy Sutherland Says:

    Hello Ali, I would like to purchase a copy of your How To Weave A Larger container booklet, is it still available? If so could I please have an account number to pay for it online and total cost of the booklet and postage to my address in Hamilton. Thank you.
    Regards Judy.

  10. Ali Says:

    Hi Judy

    Yes that booklet is available. It’s $15 which includes postage and packaging. The bank account to pay the money into is Westpac 03-0823-0516382-00. Don’t forget to email me your postal address.